● Secretary
   Ms. Misia Wu
   email: misia@gate.sinica.edu.tw
   Phone: (02) 2787-1306

● NRPB Program PI and Coordinator
   Dr. Ying-Ta Wu
   email: ywu@gate.sinica.edu.tw
   Phone: (02) 2787-1237

● Compound collection and development
   Dr. Shi-Shan Mao
   email: sshanmao@gate.sinica.edu.tw
   Phone: (02) 2787-1303

● Assay Development
   Dr. T-J Rachel Cheng
   email: tingjenc@gate.sinica.edu.tw
   Phone: (02) 2787-1267

● HTS and Cheminformatics
   Dr. Ying-Ta Wu
   email: ywu@gate.sinica.edu.tw
   Phone: (02) 2787-1237

● Medicinal Chemistry
   Dr. Jim-Ming Fang
   email: jmfang@ntu.edu.tw
   Phnoe: (02) 2787-1266
              (02) 3366-1663

GRC Compound Library

The Chemical Bank in Genomics Research Center at Academia Sinica contains one of largest compound collections. We have collected about 2 million samples in our library. The entire collection is named GRC-2M. Most of the compounds in GRC-2M are collected as drug-like, diversified, small-molecules. The majority of these compounds are synthetic chemicals. The library also has nature product compounds, their derivatives, unique collections, and reference chemicals. To provide HTS services for NRPB in a timely and economic manner, representative compounds are selected from GRC2M as the Representative Library (GRC-160K). All relevant information of the library compounds as stored in our database for future uses. The contents of the GRC2M are described in Figure 1. The sources of the compound collections of the GRC2M and the RE library are shown in Table 1.

We continue collecting compounds and improving the quality and chemical diversity of our chemical library. It is designed that the GRC’s uHTS can provide not only the lead molecules to accelerate therapeutic development, but also provide chemical probes for basic scientific research.


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